About Us

What is MGG Educators and Motivators about?

MGG Educators and Motivators was established by its
Managing Director, Michael Gallus.


Michael is a father of three children, who spent over two decades in education at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School as a primary school teacher and as a secondary school AGSV sporting coach. His career, combined with decades of community work (especially through his founding and directing of the International Children’s Sporting Foundation Footys4all) brought to light a an important area of education that was highly under utilised.


Through his experiences he saw that there was a lack of opportunity for children and adults to be both motivated and educated by a community of extraordinary, ordinary speakers - whose sole aim in life is to make a positive difference in the world to ensure the survival of the human race for generations to come. 

To Relate & Inspire...

One of MGG Educators and Motivators unique qualities is the speakers’ ability to relate to and educate their audience on how to transfer the story they have just heard, into pathways that will support and enhance their own individual family, professional or educational lives.


To hear a motivating story is uplifting to us all, but to actually use that motivational story to transform one’s own life demonstrates the real impact of the time spent hearing that story. 


MGG Educators and Motivators are not just there for entertainment, they are focused on engaging with their audiences, whether in an educational setting or corporate business environment, to make an
impact and change lives


Social Responsibility

Further to MGG Educators and Motivators purpose, the company is also committed to changing the world that we live in for the better by raising awareness and funds for charity.


Each presenter donates at least 10% of their speaking fee to their choice of charity - while also having the opportunity to discuss why they are passionate about such a cause within their presentation .

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