Campbell Remess

Ever thought about what you were doing when you were nine? If you were like me and every other 9 year old you were most likely centered around yourself. Not so for the inspiring 9 year old Tasmanian Campbell Remess whose thoughts revolved around making the world a better place for those suffering from cancer all through the idea of a kindness gift in the shape of teddy bears and holiday cruises. Kids motivating and educating kids is so important in our society and it is sadly so rare.


It is imperative that you hear Campbell tell his story so your children and students can see that you don’t have to be old to make a difference.

Campbell Remess was nine years old when he decided he wanted to give Christmas gifts to children in hospital. When told it would cost too much, he started to make them. Now in his fifth year, Campbell has made thousands of handcrafted gifts that he sends to hospitals, victims of terrorist attacks, and other people in need worldwide. He has raised in excess of $150k for charity.

Australia's youngest CEO, Campbell has created his own charity, Project 365. He gives Kindness Cruises, holidays on cruise ships, to unsuspecting nominees that are battling cancer. He has a goal of the recipients relaxing, regrouping, and starting new memories after the cancer experience. In the six months since the birth of this idea Campbell has gifted eleven Kindness Cruises to families.

Campbell is now fundraising for a research scholarship with the Menzies Centre in Hobart. He is working towards having a hands on researcher join his Project 365 Family, all aimed towards finding cures for cancers. Campbell works tirelessly, having experienced the impact of cancer first hand with his dad battling it for six years. Campbell knows both success and loss, as he has watched friends and loved ones beat cancer as well as succumb to the disease. His goal - to find a cure for cancer - is his top priority. Helping people stay strong is his motivation. 

Campbell is a Year 8 student at Friends School in Hobart. He is one of 9 children (3rd eldest). Campbell has won many local awards including the Clarence Young Citizen of the Year and Pride of Australia. He was a finalist in the Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards, won the People's Choice in the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards, and most recently was the very first Australian to be awarded the CNN Heroes Young Wonder Award, for which he travelled to New York City to represent our country on the red carpet. 

Campbell is a regular, average, cheeky thirteen year old boy, but he holds a magic in his heart that is changing the world and showing people hope in their darkest days. Campbell, in his spare time, is a Junior Volunteer Firefighter and has proudly represented our state as a Queen's Baton Bearer.

Topics Covered:
  • The Creation of Project 365: At the age of 9 Campbell, otherwise known at “Bumble” wanted to take gifts to children in hospital.
    When he was told this would cost too much he decided to make them. In 5 years since the idea Bumble has sent his world famous bears across the globe and shares an international bear hug with the whole world. Bumble shares some heart touching stories of outcomes of delivering his bears and the impacts they have made.


  • Workplace Kindness Motivation: Bumble enters a workplace speaking to groups from 10 to 10,000 with confidence and an amazing attitude and concept on kindness.  Sharing his experiences as a child being kind through project 365 and going into detail on how a simple act of kindness can change the lives of many, he leave groups with uplifted hearts and the teams wanting to do their bit to pay it forward and motivating kindness amongst the work group.  Hearing kindness from the perspective of a child has a deep and lasting effect that fills hearts and makes a workplace a joy to return to. 

  • Bullying and Bystanders:  When Bumble was in year six he experienced Bullying. This bulling persisted so much it got to the point of a physical attack. On a Friday afternoon Bumble returned home from school with a broken bone in his hand. Bumble delivers a heart touching speech on his own experience with kindness versus his experience with bullying and makes it clear make a choice to be kind and it’s the best choice to make.

  • Kindness: Aimed at a younger audience (kinder -2) Bumble talks about his bears and how important it is to find our own way of being kind and to try to find a way to be kind each day. 

  • Community Service: Bumble has volunteered his service for 5 years in thousands of hours of making and delivering his bears. Bumble delivers a speech on the impact and joy he has received from volunteering his service and time as a volunteer and the rewards and satisfaction this has bought him.

  • Bear Making Workshop: A bear making workshop can be added into any of his above talks. Bumble will guide groups of children through the process of making a bear. They will then keep the bear to choose what to do with it after it’s creation.

Also in partnership with Michael Gallus, Footys4All...

  • Bears and Balls-Make Kindness Your Strength: A joint presentation by Michael Gallus  and Project 365’s Campbell Remess
    Booking of this presentation is for Primary Students from Years 2-6.
    If we educated children to be kind to each other then there would be no need for anti bullying programs in schools. The experienced teacher, father and sporting charity founder from Footys4all in Michael Gallus has teamed with the young caring/passionate and extraordinary 14 year old Tasmanian Campbell Remess to present an entertaining and thought provoking presentation focusing on the positive impact and ripple effect that being kind has upon yourself and those around you. Using current day events and USA NBA basketball legend LeBron James students will see that making kindness their strength can really lead to a more positive school, community and world environment.

Throughout his presentation Campbell will raise awareness of his charity of choice which is Project 365 and he will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to Project 365

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