Cindy Rochstein

To have physical afflictions that affect your ability to move and live less and less each day would stop the majority of us from doing even the most mundane of activities not so the truly amazing Cindy Rochstein who has done the complete opposite with her life by refusing to be limited in her drive and dedication to make the world a better place for those in need. Her physical limitations have now led to her eyesight diminishing but far from being in the dark Cindy is now a beacon of light and hope to all who hear her story.

Cindy Rochstein is a humanitarian who is a powerful educator and motivator. She is the Founder & Director of Pencils Community a social enterprise that enriches the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children throughout the world by means of educational items, sustainability and humanitarian issues.

When Cindy Rochstein was 19 she travelled through Asia and thought it would change her life. It did, but just not in the way she was expecting. She was bitten by a tick and became very sick. Then through a series of genetic and other environmental factors and over time, Cindy’s body began attacking itself. She was 33 when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that resembled that of Rheumatoid Arthritis which forced her to give up work due to her poor health. At the time she had a newborn baby – it should have been the happiest time of her life. Instead, she was prescribed massive doses of medicine and told to live with the side effects, knowing that these medicines would take 30 years off her life. She thought, is this it? Why me? This wasn’t my life plan! Determined to not accept this, she searched for more.

Fast forward 10 years, her daughter is growing up and is happy and healthy and so too is Cindy, in many ways. She has ridden the wave to come out on top. She has learned to adapt to her situation and holds a ‘no excuses’ policy. She is a 5X Internationally Published Author, Public Speaker, recent creator of ‘LIONHEART’ a project that encompasses a healing pathway for PTSD and mental health suffers and Founder and CEO of her Charity: Pencils Community – a social enterprise that takes used and discarded pencils and gives them to children in need around the world. She has been able to create change to not only her life, but her communities and to the lives of thousands of children and their communities.

Having had to face the prospect of dying, Cindy has spent the last decade learning how to unlock the answers to living and not just living day-to-day but really thriving in life. She has learned how to find her own happiness and purpose in life and now she can help your audience find theirs. Her story is unique, but you will find her relatable in so many ways because she asks you all the same questions that you lay awake at night asking yourself. Although she has a disease and will share with you her story, she is here to tell you about being well and about being thriving! She will show you how you can connect with yourself and others, how to make great loving choices for yourself and how to find your higher purpose and give back to the world.

Topics Covered:
  • The importance of giving back - why I run a charity (Pencils Community) and how it keeps me and my purpose alive

  • Seeking Wellness - 52 Tips on how to stay well and find wellness, overcome challennges and why being healthy is your biggest commodity

  • How to write a book and leave your legacy - the importance of having a book for business and how to structure and actually write your book

  • Living with a disease - overcoming challenges and how to make peace with it by having a positive mindset

  • Public Relations - why your brand and your "WHY" in life is so important for your business


Throughout her presentation Cindy will raise awareness of her charity of choice which is The Pencils Community and donate at least 10% of her speaking fee to The Pencils Community

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