Claire Marriott

Claire is a highly experienced head-hunter having been building successful companies across Europe, Asia Pacific and Russia for over 25 years. As the Managing Director of Nexec Leaders APAC Division, she runs the Asia Pacific region helping organisations with market entry, transformational restructuring, and strengthening market position.

Claire has extensive experience in defining, creating and implementing successful resourcing solutions around critical business hires at C-Level and below.  A vehicle for change, she delivers a tailored service by forging strong links with stakeholders and candidates, demonstrating excellent analytical thinking with exceptional communication skills, all supported by an incredibly infectious enthusiasm for her work.

Claire’s infamous enthusiasm and networking skills means she is incredibly well connected and often has access to opportunities which would pass others by.  Anyone meeting her is left in no doubt of her passion for driving initiatives, for creating a Diversity mind-set, and for revealing and promoting talented individuals who will engender success for businesses.

Topics Covered:
  • My journey to being a successful female international business woman
    Claire speaks about her amazing journey from high school student to international business women and imparts to the audience her knowledge of what it takes to never give up on achieving your business dreams as a female. Claire’s honest, intelligent and passionate presentation will enable all her audience members to have a clear understanding of what is required for them to achieve their dreams on being a success in their chosen pathway.


Throughout her presentation Claire will raise awareness of her charity of choice which is The Footys4all Foundation, and she will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to The Footys4all Foundation.

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