Graham Crawford

There is no doubt that Graham Crawford is the number one expert in Australia relating to driver training and education. This is due to his many motor sport achievements and his life long experience in the industry.

Graham has competed in motorsport since 1984. Driving in a range of vehicles for other teams and also owning and operating his own team Crawford Motorsport. Some of these categories include; Off Road Racing, Auscar, Nascar, V8supercars, Aussie Racing Cars.


When talking about driver training and education you are really talking about keeping yourself alive on the road and saving the lives of other motorists. It is so important to know the right way drive and react and the educating and motivating that Graham will bring through his presentation will saves lives.

Graham’s humourist and no nonsense presentation will engage and resonate with all who are listening - you will not meet a more experienced or better presenter in this field across Australia.

Experience & Qualifications
Graham has worked with many training organisation's delivering training to individual clients and companies all over Australia, regional Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Instructing in all forms of motoring from professional drivers, competition drivers, four wheel drive and learner drivers. As well as training in First Aid, Road Safety Rescue & Motorsport Safety.

Graham's Qualifications are a combination of many years in the automotive and driver training industry, they include:

  • Certificate IV in Driving Instruction 91000NSW

  • Certificate IV Victorian Licensed Driving Instructor

  • Qualified Motor Mechanic Cert III & IV

  • Workplace Training & Assessment CERT IV TAE40110

  • Qualified 4WD Trainer / Instructor

  • RIIVEH201D-Operate light vehicle

  • TLIC3036-Apply safe car driving behaviours

  • TLIC2025-Operate four wheel drive vehicle

  • RIIVEH305E-Operate & maintain a 4wd vehicle

  • FPICOT3260-Recover four wheel drive vehicles

  • FPIFGM3215-Perform complex 4x4 operations

  • FPICOT3259-Operate 4wd on unsealed roads

  • SISODRV405A-Coordinate recovery of 4wd vehicles

  • SISODRV404A-Drive a 4wd vehicle in difficult terrain

  • SISODRV201A-Drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed rds

  • Certificate III in Transport & Distribution

  • CPCCOHS1001A-Work safely in industry

  • RIIWHS205D-Control Traffic

  • RIIWHS302D-Implement Traffic Management Plan

  • Automotive Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Certificate Level II in First Aid HLTFA311A

  • Advanced First Aid HLTAID006

  • Advanced Resuscitation HLTAID007

  • Working with Children Check

  • National Police Check

  • Diploma of Management

  • Event Management

  • Motorsport Support, First Aid & Safety Training

Topics Covered:
  • How can you be a safer driver on the road for yourself, your loved ones and other drivers?
    Graham’s extensive life experiences in motor sport and in motor driver training over the last three decades gives him the title of Australia’s expert in this area. His presentation will astound you as you learn that the way that you have been driving is not the way you could have been driving to keep yourself and your loved ones as safe as possible. His tips of the trade backed up by years and years of personal and on line examples will have you walking away knowing that your driving knowledge will have improved remarkably. Every driver of any age should be made to listen to Graham’s presentation.


  • How to be a safer L-Plate and P-Plate Driver
    Grahame’s presentation about road laws and driver safety for beginning drivers is second to none across Australia due to his simple and straight forward delivery using hands on practical demonstrations involving his audience. His use of personal examples and multimedia enables all to understand his important road safety message no matter what their learning style. Our youth are our most at risk drivers and for them to hear Graham’s message will hopefully enable them to learn the correct behaviours to ensure they stay safe on the roads throughout their driving lives.


  • How to achieve your motor sport racing dreams?
    Graham’s presentation on what it takes to become a professional race car driver is drawn from his own life history of racing in the categories of Off Road, AUSCAR, NASCAR, V8 Supercars and Aussie Racing Cars. How do you get started? How do you train? What are the road blocks you will need to over come? What are the biggest challenges and rewards you will face? All these questions and more will be answered in this presentation.


Throughout his presentation Graham will raise awareness of his non for profit organisation of choice Drive Against Depression and he will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to Drive Against Depression.

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