Kate Parker

Kate Parker is an educator and motivator who has turned her love for the sea as a little girl into a lifelong crusade of heroic actions to help save the ocean from the ravages of mankind. Our oceans which are so precious and valuable need to have their voices heard to ensure they are preserved for future generations. Kate is their voice and through her passionate story you will be inspired to act local whilst thinking global to ensure you can do your part in helping us to protect our seas and their inhabitants.

Kate has been a member of Sea Shepherd for nearly 4 years, starting off as an onshore volunteer; fundraising for the organisation and promoting marine conservation in her spare time. Kate’s passion for the organisation grew and to the point that she was taking time off her paid employment as a speech pathologist to volunteer in the engine Room of the MV Steve Irwin – Sea Shepherds flag ship vessel.

Kate joined Sea Shepherd because she was passionate about our oceans and felt she could no longer be a bystander, anxious about threats to marine habitats. Despite her fears of what may happen on campaign, and having never been to sea before, she wanted to take direct action against the destruction of our ocean and Sea Shepherd are one of the few organisations that do just that.

Kate has sailed on 3 campaigns around the world for Sea Shepherd and can share some of her stories from battling illegal whalers in Antarctica to dodging bullets from poachers in Mexico. You will be enthralled and in awe to hear Kate discuss her motivations, inspirations and highlights from her journey as an ocean admirer to front line environmentalist activist.

Topics Covered:

  • Fighting for what you love: steps needed to follow your dreams

  • From admiration to activism: one girl's journey to defend the oceans

  • Women Warriors: the surprising story of the women of Sea Shepherd

  • Operation Milagro: the plight of the worlds most endangered marine mammal

  • Operation Nemesis: battles in Antartica

At least 10% of Kate's speaking fee will be donated to the Sea Shepherd

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