Kayla McCord

Kayla McCord brings fun and play into her activities with adults and children. She shares her powerful story to help children and adults around the world that are battling depression, anxiety, eating disorders, mentally abusive relationships, addiction, domestic violence, the downsides of modelling, mental illness and people who are unhappy with who they are. She has helped thousands of people around the globe for the past seven years. She shares special tools on how you can find love within and get through anything in this life. 

Reminding you that you are enough just the way you are. By teaching you the tools of changing the language you speak to yourself, finding self care, positive body image and learning to love yourself just as much as you love others. Kayla moved from the United States to Australia to prevent male suicide after watching the statistics rise and losing loved ones last April and this January. Kayla is also a yoga and meditation teacher that teaches children how to calm their minds and listen to there bodies. She has taught at many schools around the world as well as Scots College here in Bondi, Australia.

Kayla was a facilitator for Girls INC in Portland,Oregon teaching young girls ages nine-twelve years old the tools of learning how to be happy with the women they are becoming. Kayla worked one on one with adults and children in the United States guiding them through her special programs of them discovering the unique purposes and gifts they have to bring into the world. She is a loving bright woman who has compassion and love for everyone she meets. She has also written a book sharing her personal story with step by step tools for others to start there journeys of healing themselves and finding Self Love. Kayla can talk about a wide range of subjects from personal experience:

Topics Covered:
  • How finding Self Love saved her life: The FULL story that has not been shared yet

  • Teaching children that they are enough just the way they are and that their voices matter: She uses playful activities such as dancing, vision boards, meditation, strength posters and so much more. 

  • How to get your life back when you have depression and anxiety without taking medication. 

  • Eating disorders: Being in the modelling world with Nike and having a mother with body issues. She teaches you how to fully love and appreciate all your body does for you. Showing you that you are much more than a body. You are a human with love and purpose. 

  • Mental illness: changing the stigma and conversations surrounding mental illness. She shares about her mother who is mentally ill and how she learnt from her illness  

  • Abusive relationships: She shares her story on the abusive relationship she was in with an addict at seventeen years old and how to put yourself first to walk away. 

  • How to change your Inner Dialogue to be more positive: This is the first step in all of her programs. Often we are not aware of the language we speak to ourselves and how it has an affect on our everyday life. 

  • How to find Self Care in your day to day: To slow down and listen to your body. For the busy “workaholics” that don’t take the time for yourself or the parents who never get a moment for yourself. 

  • Suicide Prevention: the other side of losing your loved ones (how she lost two people in one week) - how to help people who are having suicidal thoughts. 


Throughout her presentation Kayla will raise awareness of her charity of choice which is One eighty, and she will donate a proportion of her speaking fee to One eighty. One eighty is an Australian suicide prevention charity. The organisation’s primary activity is to fund, develop and implement local projects that equip young adults with skills in mental health care. These projects engage through educational programs, mentoring support, referral services and life-skills training. They create a safe space for young people to open up at. I go to the open up group sessions in Manly to share and hope to inspire someone there who’s going through a dark time. 

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