Kerrie Atherton

Kerrie Atherton is a lady of strength and resilience whose life story is the evidence that you can overcome the worst that life has to throw at you and become a positive influence on all those around you. Her energy and positivity is infectious and her ability to educate and motivate is something that we all can benefit from being around no matter what our age or gender.


Due to Kerrie’s experience as an author, event host, counsellor and influencer she possesses the ability to authentically communicate and engage with people of all walks and stages of life. Kerrie has specialized in the field of addictions for over thirty years as well as working with troubled teens in schools on the Sunshine Coast in QLD for the past eleven years.

Last year Kerrie founded ‘Stories of HOPE’ which positively impacts hundreds of people each month through individuals telling their inspiring and unique stories. She empowers everyone she meets with resilience and inspiration and the tools needed to help them overcome adversity in their own lives which in turn brings purpose and HOPE to change the world around them.


Topics Covered:

Kerrie can speak about a wide range of topics to suit her audience’s needs relating to:

  • Alcohol and substance abuse. Know the signs and what actions to take!

  • Sexual assault and domestic violence 

  • How to manage depression and anxiety and what strategies you can put in place for the best life yet.  

  • Change your thoughts change your life 

  • Know your beliefs and triggers and take control of your life 

  • How to journey and recover through grief and loss

  • The power of a story to change one’s life.


Throughout her presentation Kerrie will raise awareness of her charity of choice which is Stories of Hope and donate at least 10% of her speaking fee to Stories of Hope

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