Kerryn Vaughan

Kerryn is a singer/songwriter, animal rights advocate, trainer, mentor, humanitarian and international author. Her book ‘Magnificent Kids!’ was the catalyst to her founding the global organisation One Planet Classrooms, which facilitates projects to relieve poverty induced suffering predominantly in Africa. Such projects include clean water solutions, solar power, sustainable projects, feminine hygiene & empowerment initiatives, as well as the sponsorship of 160 school children.

Kerryn initially set up One Planet Classrooms to facilitate Skype sessions between classrooms in Africa and classrooms in Australia. Not only was it near impossible to get the laptops into Africa, the kids in Africa were in school at the same time the kids in Australia were in bed, and she sent laptops to a country (Uganda) where most people don’t even have power. This was an epic fail! At that point Kerryn could have given up and walked away from the whole idea, but while this was being established she learned that kids were dying from drinking filthy water, and so began the revised version of One Planet Classrooms!

More recently, Kerryn co-founded Girls With Hammers, which focuses on women's empowerment through conferences, workshops and mentoring.

Kerryn is also a highly skilled inspirational speaker who has presented at numerous events including World Parks Congress 2014, Hero Round Table 2015 & 2018, Women In Gippsland (for International Women's Day) 2017, Inspiring Young Women 2017, One Voice Conference 2018, as well as running workshops, and speaking to a large variety and number of groups including hundreds of school children, about creating a better world and standing in your truth. Not surprising, Kerryn’s life mantra states:

‘If we can make a difference, why wouldn’t we?’

Topics Covered:

  • Start Now: Kick starting projects

  • One Planet Classrooms: Building hope in Africa

  • Girls With Hammers: Empowering women

  • Magnificent Kids: Being couragous even when you're frightened

At least 10% of Kerryn's speaking fee will be donated to one of her charity's below:

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