Michael Gallus

Want to meet a passionate man who never sleeps due to his enthusiasm for life and a man who is constantly challenging himself to break down barriers and change the world for the better through the power of sport then there is no more experienced motivator or educator than Footys4all’s Volunteer Founding Director Michael Gallus. 

Michael was born in Fiji and came to Australia when he was 2. He is a happily, married man to wife Amanda and father of three children Thomas, Lily and Benjamin. He is an Uber driver, casual bus driver, Genazzano and Overnewton College Sporting coach, former PEGS primary school teacher, AGSV sporting and community sporting coach of 22 years experience. 

It was through his years of experience as a father, coach and teacher that he witnessed first hand the positive power that sport had on children and youth.  When he turned 40 and had his first midlife crisis so his daughter told him he started the volunteer children’s sporting charity Footys4all to distribute hope and a sporting opportunity to children in need to give all children across the world, regardless of their circumstances, equal sporting opportunities.

Footys4all is a totally volunteer organisation which has distributed hope and sporting opportunities to over 23,000 children in need in the last 6 years of operation. Essendon AFL aboriginal legend Michael Long is an Footys4all ambassador and 2010 Australian of the Year Professor Pat McGorry is a board member. Footys4all is changing kids lives across Australia especially in remote aboriginal communities as well as impacting children and communities in Fiji, India, Africa and New Zealand. 

Michael's volunteer work as the Founding Director of Footys4all has seen him awarded The 2017 Premier of Victoria Champion Volunteer Impact Award and the Pride of Australia Medal in 2016. He was also nominated for Australian of the Year in 2015. He has also been featured on Channel 7 News, SBS World News, Fox Footy, and radio stations SEN, ABC and K-Rock. The Chinese Global TV Network also featured Michael in a story of the foundation.


Topics Covered:
  • Footys4all - Changing Kids Lives One Ball at a Time: 
    Booking of this presentation is for Corporate and Primary and Secondary School Students. 
    Hear the 2017 Premier of Victoria Volunteer of the Year Impact Award winner and 2016 Pride of Australia Medalist speak about how and why he created the children’s sporting Foundation Footys4all to distribute hope and a sporting opportunity to children in need around Australia and across the world. Hear how Footys4all speaks to youth in a language that they understand and how sport is being used to build safe and healthy communities to reduce crime and negative behaviours. Hear how Footys4all has visited and run programs in many remote aboriginal communities around Australia and has created an annual soccer and netball tournament in Uganda Africa involving 24 schools and thousands of participants. Footys4all is also in partnership with the Fijian Island Breeze Rugby Plus program which runs a yearly week long sporting conference in Fiji to identify the best Fijian Rugby Union players to bring to Melbourne Australia to gain an opportunity to play professional rugby. One of these players from the island of Ovalau has graduated through this program and now plays for the Australian Wallabies. Hear how Footys4all has now distributed over 24,000 balls through its programs to children in need in only 6 years as a volunteer organisation. Learn how, through this presentation, your students or your business employees can make their dreams come true or create positive change in the world.


  • Unlocking the Secrets of Educating Primary School Boys:
    Booking of this presentation is for Primary School Teachers.
    A life of teaching in an all boys primary school across all levels of Prep to Year 6 in all subjects and sports has given Michael a unique insight into the ways that boys learn best. Walk away with proven strategies to improve both your engagement of and concentration levels of male primary school students. Michael's 22 years in education at an all boys primary school allows him a wise perspective on all manners of engagement and disengagement with male students which he enthusiastically and passionately shares in this presentation. 


  • I HATE Drugs and This is Why:
    Booking of this presentation is for Corporate and Secondary Students from Years 8-12.
    This presentation is delivered by Michael using his knowledge and personal experiences as a father of three children, two decade year old teacher and community sporting coach, volunteer sporting mentor in a maximum security prison and juvenile justice centre.  Hear how people are engaging in casual drug use without fear or knowledge of the dangers to their health and lives.  Hear how this drug use effects them physically and mentally in a negative impact. Hear and view the shocking statistics and physical and mental deteriorations that are created by ongoing drug use. If you are looking to prevent drug use through the education of your students or staff in relation to the honest truth about drug use effects no matter how large or small then this presentation is for you. Be warned the truth about drug use presented in this presentation will shock you and scare you, hopefully to ensure you never engage in it yourself.

  • Grief and Death- It Will Happen to All of Us and It Is OK To Cry:
    Booking of this presentation is ideal for ages.
    Grief and Death effects all of us in many ways throughout our lives yet is rarely spoken about especially with children. To be honest we are all going to die at some point in our lives and so are all our loved ones so we need to be prepared for it and have strategies in place to help us through it. Hear from Michael’s personal death and grief experiences as a 22 year career primary school teacher and 47 year old father of three children and the ways that he rationalised and dealt with those experiences to continue on living a positive and meaningful life. Throughout this presentation you will learn strategies to deal with death and grief and learn that it is ok to cry and be sad at times. Hear how life will continue on and the ways you can show your respect and feelings for the departed both in human and animal form and the ways that you can keep your loved ones memories alive. 


  • Binge Drinking- It Is Not Cool and Not Fun
    Booking of this presentation is for Corporate and Secondary Students from Years 8-12.
    The facts are binge drinking is highly dangerous and harmful to all who engage in it no matter what the age of the participant. Hear how binge drinking harms you physically and mentally and the emotional negative side effect it has on your friends, families and co-workers. Michael speaks personally as a former binge drinker about the destruction it caused for himself professionally and personally and how his decision to stop drinking alcohol full stop impacted him socially and professionally both in positively and negatively. Binge Drinking in this country has reached epic proportions and its traumatic effects are effecting us all. If you are looking to educate your students or workers on the effects of binge drinking to ensure they think twice about engaging in it then this is the presentation for you.


  • Memoirs of an Uber Driver:Booking of this presentation is for Corporate and Secondary Students from Years 8-12.Hear about Michael’s experiences as Mr Uber a weekend night shift Uber driver as he ferries people and animals around from all parts of Melbourne in all states of array and disarray throughout the night and early mornings. Be entertained, excited, proud, saddened and enthused via this presentation as locals from all walks of life from Melbourne and all parts of Australia combine with international tourists and students from all parts of the world to tell their stories to Mr Uber. Hear what life lessons Mr Uber has learnt from all his passengers and how to read body language and engage in the art of effective communication which is so important in all aspects of human life.


Also in partnership with other speakers...

  • Ya Gotta be Crazy: A joint presentation by Michael Gallus Founder of Footys4all  with Kate Austin-Founder of Pinchapoo.
    Booking of this presentation is for Corporate and Primary and Secondary Students.
    Want to be inspired and understand what it takes to start your own charity then this joint entertaining and unique presentation by  Michael Gallus, the founder of the children’s sporting charity Footys4all and Kate Austin, the Founder of dignity hygenic charity Pinchapoo is for you. Hear their passionate and insightful personal experiences about the way that they started and continue to run their charities and the traits needed by you to begin your own charity. Hear how these same traits can also lead to the audience becoming more successful in their own personal and business lives.

  • Bears and Balls-Make Kindness Your Strength: A joint presentation by Michael Gallus  and Project 365’s Campbell Remess
    Booking of this presentation is for Primary Students from Years 2-6.
    If we educated children to be kind to each other then there would be no need for anti bullying programs in schools. The experienced teacher, father and sporting charity founder from Footys4all in Michael Gallus has teamed with the young caring/passionate and extraordinary 14 year old Tasmanian Campbell Remess to present an entertaining and thought provoking presentation focusing on the positive impact and ripple effect that being kind has upon yourself and those around you. Using current day events and USA NBA basketball legend LeBron James students will see that making kindness their strength can really lead to a more positive school, community and world environment.


Throughout his presentation Michael will raise awareness of his charity of choice which is The Footys4all Foundation, and he will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to The Footys4all Foundation.

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