Dr Nathan Grills

Dr Nathan Grills, is an associate professor, a Public Health Physician and NHMRC post doctoral fellow, works largely in India on disability, non communicable diseases and health curriculum development and training. He has worked as a Public Health Fellow (Dept. of Health) and with CDC & WHO on HIV and civil society partnerships after completing his MPH and DPhil at Oxford University.


He has international experience in Africa, Fiji, East Timor, PNG, Bangladesh and Nepal.

He currently facilitates a Network of programs who work together to help train Community Health Workers to serve the under-served (www.chgnukc.org). He has faculty positions with Melbourne University (www.ni.unimelb.edu.au/regional_activity/southasia/uttarakhand), the Public Health Foundation of India (www.phfi.org), the Emmanuel Health Association (India) (www.eha-health.org/)
and is the international coordinator for the Community Health Global Network (www.chgn.org).


Research interests: 

  • HIV AIDS- completed doctoral studies on HIV, and in particular the role of community based organizations, at Oxford University in association with CDC India Office and WHO Geneva 

  • Social Network Analysis Professional doctorate is based on network analysis. Practical experience in health network research in North India, Department of Health Victoria, Bangladesh and the UK. 

  • Consultant on engagement and partnerships with Faith Based Organisations

  • Primary health care trainer- experience in North India, Nepal, Bangladesh, East Timor 

  • Program evaluation- experience in India, Australia and Nepal

  • Qualitative research drawing on semi-ethnographic approaches


Topics Covered:
  • My Journey as a World Public Health Physician: This presentation by Nathan details his experiences improving public health across the world in developing countries such as India, Africa, Fiji, East Timor, PNG, Bangladesh and Nepal. Be educated of the challenges facing developing nations in health and the inspiring changes that are being made by Nathan and his team to ensure that all humans, regardless of their geographic location, have access to basic health care needs.

  • The Joys and Challenges of Being a Parent of and Working with Special Needs Children: Nathan speaks passionately from the heart about his life parenting a special needs child and his work across the world improving the health and communities of special needs children. His international work involves breaking down barriers and long held traditional taboos about children with special needs delivers inspiring experiences of positive change and understanding.


Throughout his presentation Nathan will raise awareness of his charity of choice which is Uttarakhand Community Health Cluster, and he will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to Uttarakhand Community Health Cluster www.chgnukc.org

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