MGG Educators and Motivators are an eclectic mix of people of all ages, genders, nationalities and religions from all walks of life gathered together from all parts of Australia. They are extraordinary, ordinary human beings with amazing personal stories of triumph, passion, resilience, determination, strength and perseverance that are guaranteed to educate and motivate you to change your's,
your student's or your organisation's lives for the better.


MGG Educators and Motivators pride ourselves on our uniqueness of passion to make a difference
in a rapidly deteriorating world.


If you are looking for a someone who has walked around the world, a model who spends her time empowering girls, a person who changes lives one ball at a time, someone who knows all there is to know about drugs and alcohol and its negative impact on lives, an aboriginal who can tell you first hand about the impact about having a mother that was a part of the stolen generation, an environmental warrior who is saving our oceans from being destroyed, an Australian of the Year who dedicated his life to improving mental health in this country or a  teenager who changes lives one teddy bear at a time... plus many other presenters who will both educate and motivate, then MGG has the presenter to suit your needs.


Take the time to read the backgrounds of our presenters and choose the MGG Educator and Motivator that best suits your requirements.


Booking early is essential, as our presenters are in great demand and dates fill up rapidly.    

Note: All presenters are available to travel interstate and present together in a panel if required.

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