Sacha Kaluri

Sacha Kaluri is known as the energizer bunny and when you read her biography you will understand why. In short she is a mother of two boys, educator and motivator of youth, radio and TV star, author and pod caster. Sacha’s experience and passion for engaging with her audience of any age or gender is an experience that one must witness to believe.


Sacha Kaluri became an entrepreneur at the age of 18 years old after starting her own business straight after finishing Year 12.  In 2000 she began The Motivational Company travelling all over Australia speaking to young people on the topics of: How To Have The Career Of Your Dreams, Bullying and Online Bullying, Stress Management, Body Image, Goal Setting, Employment and Interview Skills, Teamwork and Leadership, Relationships, The Art of Resilience, The Craft of Public Speaking. Seminars specifically for International Students – How to be a successful Australian and she also runs various parent and teacher seminars. Sacha visits more than 150 schools, councils and juvenile detention centres each year. Not only is she educational and engaging but Sacha also brings humour to all of her presentations.

Sacha's call to action is to Motivate, Activate, Inspire and get people Excited and Confident about their future.


After having many successful businesses, in 2011 Sacha became co-founder and co-director of the Australian Teenage Expo, our countries largest educational youth event, which has attracted more than 50,000 teens and has toured every State and Territory of Australia working together with The Federal – Department of Education and Training. is also the very first online directory for young people, parents and educators. Australian Teenage Expo aims to provide everything a teen, parent or educator needs to know about in three key areas – Education, Services and Products, with as much fun and interaction as possible.


In 2014 and 2015, Sacha Kaluri was chosen as Australia’s very first official ambassador for the worldwide United Nations – Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. In 2015 Sacha accepted an ambassadorship for the Bully Zero Foundation . Then in 2016 Sacha created her very own HIT TV Program with her best friend Sonya Karras. The Sonya and Sacha Show is National TV program for parents. Discussing real and tough parenting issues in a fun and light hearted way. 2017 showcased Sacha’s parenting expert advice by her and Sonya becoming columnist for one of Australias leading newspapers the Herald Sun.  The followed by popular mummy website The Carousel – August 2017 saw the release of her first book the “The Two Worlds Of Your Teenager” – by Finch Publishing. 2018 saw Sacha become an ambassador for the Footys4all Childrens Sporting Foundation and and ambassador for The Polished Man- which is helping to end violence against children. Sacha also teamed with her good friend Sonya to create the highly successful podcast The Secret Life of Teens.

Topics Covered:
  • Careers Motivational Seminar: Career options are changing faster than the speed of light right now. Parents and teachers can barely keep up. It’s hard to decipher between what some people would say is a hobby and what is a real job. The options young people have right now are endless, yet the formula of how you determine your career path, takes much unveiling of questions and self-awareness. For some it can be as complicated and time consuming as putting together a difficult jig saw puzzle. Sacha gives young people the ability to step back from their lives, look at things differently and make clear decisions as to the direction they want to travel life in.  


  • Bullying and Cyber Bullying: Sacha takes students on a journey of self-reflection. Not only does she share her own bullying experiences from when she was at school, but she gets students to reflect on their own behavior. The presentation is divided into two parts; first she asks students to look at what they are doing to encourage bullying, our global statistics are climbing through the roof, yet students can easily pass the buck and act like someone else is doing it. It takes refection to realise that they are sometimes to blame. Are the students doing anything to encourage or inflame the situation.  Then Sacha gives real take home strategies that can be life changing for students to tackle online or face or face bullying.


  • Getting students ready for employment: It's a competitive world out there, opportunities are endless and yet pressure is high. What does it really take to find your way and become successful?  Work out who you are and where you fit in the world. What are the key ingredients you need for your own self-awareness? What do you want to do and what tools do you require to achieve each step. Working out pathways, how to put a resume together, dressing for success, and how to conduct yourself in an interview. This is an intense, informative and interesting look at getting ready for the world of employment and entrepreneurship.


  • Resilience, what does it mean and how do you get it?  Resilience is a word we frequently use in education. As adults some of us understand that it’s a personality trait you desperately need to survive. Some of us have it and others just struggle to understand it. To teach it is a whole other level. Sacha's ability to connect with her audience allows her to explain the importance of it, how to attain it and how not to shy away from situations which create it.


  • The Art Of Public Speaking: Being the best version of you! (Corporate presentation)  If you have ever wanted to learn the tricks of the trade on how to engage an audience then this is the presentation and workshop you need to attend. Sacha invites you to learn about your own communication skills and getting you to be your version of you. Learn how to use your body language, tone of voice, speed of speech, dealing with nervousness, and of course the art of crafting a good story to make a point. If speaking in front of an audience is not your thing, then she teaches how to best design a sales pitch, create an effective elevator pitch and know how to best sell yourself. This presentation is filled with tips that will change the way you communicate. 

Also in partnership with Sonya Karras...


  • Connecting with young people: How do you truly connect with young people? What’s the secret to getting through to teens and young adults? Secret language, reason for investing, retaining young employees.  What makes young people tick and how do you really get through? Sonya and Sacha combined have 36 years of experience of being (literally) in front of teenagers and young people every day. Their power to form instant connection and likeability with youth is unequalled.  Learn their strategies and transfer them into your own organisations.


  • How to have a successful business partnership: How do two women who have been in business with each other for more than 18 years have a successful partnership and still can’t wait to speak on the phone several times a day? There’s a formula to having a thriving business partnership and a successful friendship, Sonya and Sacha have worked closely together for almost two decades. What is the recipe?


  • The Entrepreneurship Hustle: Sonya and Sacha have run their own businesses, have two business partnerships and created Australia’s largest youth educational event of it’s kind (with two young children each and husbands who want attention). How is this possible? Building their own businesses, hustling their way into some of the most famous offices in New York to singing Karaoke in the Prime Minister’s Office – the women have some stories to share and some insider tips to creating your own hustle!


Throughout her presentation Sacha will raise awareness of her charity of choice which is The Footys4all Foundation, and he will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to The Footys4all Foundation

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