Sonya Karras

Sonya Karras is the creator of “Whole New World” – Educational Seminars, and Co-Director of the Australian Teenage Expo. Sonya developed her award-winning program (Excellence in Schools Based programs – Australian Drug Foundation) for young people more than 18 years ago.

With over 10 years experience working in and managing nightclubs and bars in Melbourne – Sonya shares her experiences and provides practical strategies for young people to celebrate safely. She presents to more than 200 groups of young people, parents, teachers and organisations around Australia each year and is often called on by media to provide commentary regarding youth issues.

Sonya’s ability to mix humour with lifesaving messages and ability to build instant rapport and connection with her audiences, has placed her amongst the most sought-after youth speakers in the country.

Topics Covered:
  • Celebrating safely: Sonya guides her audience through how to celebrate a night out in the safest possible way, whilst still having maximum fun! Alcohol, drugs, ID, dress code, Crowd Controllers, the current laws, drink spiking prevention, bystander intervention, consent through to what to do if it all goes wrong – calling an ambulance and rendering assistance to an unconscious person. Dealing with social media and celebrating – the potential repercussions for putting your social activities online.
    Perfect for: Secondary school and University students.


  • Conflict Management: One of the most common questions asked in any workplace or job interview is “how do you handle conflict?” 
    From heated verbal exchanges to online altercations and physical stouches – learn how to diffuse, de-escalate and deal with conflict of any kind.
    Suitable for: University and Secondary students, Corporates.


  • Celebrating safely (Corporates – Vicarious liability): Companies are responsible for employees conduct when they are attending company sponsored or sanctioned functions and events. Ensure employees know expected code of conduct and potential risk factors whilst at workplace events. Alcohol, processing, standard drinks, behaviour, expectations, what constitutes inappropriate sexual behaviour, consent, understanding Responsible Service of Alcohol, relevant laws, drink spiking, getting home safely and drugs. 
    Suitable for: Corporate employees.



 Also in partnership with Sacha Kaluri...


  • Connecting with young people: How do you truly connect with young people? What’s the secret to getting through to teens and young adults? Secret language, reason for investing, retaining young employees.  What makes young people tick and how do you really get through? Sonya and Sacha combined have 36 years of experience of being (literally) in front of teenagers and young people every day. Their power to form instant connection and likeability with youth is unequalled.  Learn their strategies and transfer them into your own organisations.


  • How to have a successful business partnership: How do two women who have been in business with each other for more than 18 years have a successful partnership and still can’t wait to speak on the phone several times a day? There’s a formula to having a thriving business partnership and a successful friendship, Sonya and Sacha have worked closely together for almost two decades. What is the recipe?


  • The Entrepreneurship Hustle: Sonya and Sacha have run their own businesses, have two business partnerships and created Australia’s largest youth educational event of it’s kind (with two young children each and husbands who want attention). How is this possible? Building their own businesses, hustling their way into some of the most famous offices in New York to singing Karaoke in the Prime Minister’s Office – the women have some stories to share and some insider tips to creating your own hustle!

Throughout her presentation Claire will raise awareness of her charity of choice which is The Footys4all Foundation, and she will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to The Footys4all Foundation.

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