Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson has been an author, commentator and speaker for more than two decades. He emerged through the ABC as the winner of the television show Race Around the World, and then had success as a writer and radio commentator with Triple R Breakfasters.


His first novel Players (Text 2005) was a bestseeller and won the SMH Best Young Australian novelist award. He has also written for children, and his books Harry Highpants, The Thirty Flowers, The Packet of Frozen Peas and Emo the Emu are favourites as bedtime reads. He also wrote The Cow Tripped Over the Moon and Hickory Dickory Dash, which as National Simultaneous Storytime selections in 2017 and 2018 were read by over a million children across Australia and New Zealand.


Tony made the Galahs documentary film, about globetrotting Aussie Rules footballers in 1967, and curates the Speakola website, which is home to more than 1500 great speeches.


He is an excellent and amusing speaker himself, both keynote and MC.

Topics Covered:
  • Every good idea is precious - Tony has been interested in a wide range of media and creative art forms. His rationale for this is to never waste a good idea. It has served him well, and led him to areas he never thought he would explore, like children's literature.


  • Read for your life! - Tony strongly believes in the power of books and literature. He was read to as a child by his parents and attempts to do the same with his own four kids. As a kids author he is passionate about the power of books and out aloud reading to promote literacy.


  • Find a new dream - When Tony's lifetime dream of being an AFL footballer evaporated when he was 21 and delisted at Hawthorn, he had to find a new dream. It came through storytelling and writing, and an opportunity to race around the world on national television. A story of resilience and adaptability. 


  • The art of speaking - Tony is not only a speaker himself, he is a lover of speaking and the spoken word. He curates the website which is dedicated to the speeches of others. Tony is experienced at talking about what makes a good speech, using famous and not so famous examples from history.


  • The life bomb - In 2011, Tony's life had a bomb explode under it when his third child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. What is it like to face personal upheaval? Tony speaks with passion about the challenges of parenting, and parenting a child with a disability.


Throughout his presentation Tony will raise awareness of his charity of choice Wikipedia, and he will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to

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