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Empower Your People

To hear a motivating story is uplifting to us all, but to actually use that motivational story to transform one’s own life demonstrates the real impact of the time spent hearing that story.  MGG Educators and Motivators are not just there for entertainment, they are focused on engaging with their audiences, whether in an educational setting or corporate business environment, to make an impact and change lives. We are also committed to changing the world that we live in for the better by raising awareness and funds for charity.


MGG Educators and Motivators are available to present in both an educational setting -such as primary and secondary schools, parent information sessions;  as well presenting to staff, leadership and management teams in the corporate environment. Speakers are available individually or as a panel, both nationally and internationally. The joy of working with MGG Educators and Motivators is the fact that they will tailor their presentation to suit the needs of your school or organisation.



MGG Educators and Motivators are an ecclectic mix of people of all ages, genders, nationalities and religions from all walks of life gathered together from all parts of Australia. They are extraordinary, ordinary human beings with amazing personal stories of triumph, passion, resilience, determination, strength and perseverance that are guaranteed to educate and motivate you to change yours, your students or your organisations lives for the better.


At least 10% of the speaker's fee will be donated to the speaker's charity of choice