Dan Eddy

Dan Eddy is a prolific author and academic who, since 2014, has published 10 books on sport, completed a Master of Arts degree (Victoria University) and is currently writing a PhD on AFL Legend Alex Jesaulenko (Federation University Australia).


His published works include King Richard: The Story of Dick Reynolds, Essendon Legend, Larrikins & Legends: The Untold Story of Carlton's Greatest Era, and The Norm Smith Medallists.

Eddy captivated the audience at the Hero Round Table conference in Yarram in 2018, where he discussed his battles with major depression and Aspergers Syndrome. His challenging and ultimately inspiring story will give hope to people of all ages who suffer from similar afflictions.

Topics Covered:
  • How to successfully write about sporting histories - Dan imparts his life long knowledge of writing in sport history to his audience to enable them to improve their understandings of both the writing process and sporting stories to produce their own informative and entertaining pieces. He will also impart during his presentation unique insights from behind the scenes discussions of the best Australian Footballers from Alex Jezzalenko to Nathan Buckley. This is a must for any sporting writers at all levels of their development.

  • The power of chasing your dreams - How do you make your dreams come true? Where do you start? What do you do when times get tough? How do you never give up? Dan’s presentation of the power of chasing your dreams will demonstrate his examples of the hardships and triumphs he has encounted on his dream chasing journey.  Dan will present the  strategies that he used to ensure that he never gave up on chasing his dreams. This will give his audience an understanding of what they will require to achieve their dreams at any level and at any age.

  • Living with Asperger’s Syndrome - Dan discusses with great passion and honesty his struggles and achievements living with a diagnosis of Aspergers. This powerful life changing presentation from the heart will give hope to all, but especially to those living with a variety of medical syndromes that are in the audience, that you still can achieve your dreams and be a valued member of society regardless of the medical issues you are dealing with. Dan’s presentation of his day to day struggles and achievements will enable others to learn from his life journey so far which will help them to achieve and overcome the hurdles they face as they have the evidence and examples from Dan to go by.



Throughout his presentation Dan will raise awareness of his charity of choice which is The Long Walk Foundation and donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to The Long Walk Foundation  www.thelongwalk.com.au

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