Joffa Corfe

Jeff “Joffa” Corfe is a living treasure of Melbourne and the Collingwood Football Club. He is a man, who in spite of a difficult and troubled upbringing which included leaving home and school at 14 for a life on the streets and in foster homes before gaining employment, has dedicated his life to helping others. Joffa’s life was saved through his love of the Collingwood Football club and it is this passion for his club and a positive life that inspires all who hear him speak. 

Joffa is the originator of the Collingwood Cheer Squad Gold Jacket. He has written an autobiography and has starred in his own movie and currently works at a city Salvation Army refuge for homeless men. The hostel houses 57 men, with an average age of about 50. Half have mental health issues or brain injuries, their life administered by the state trustee. Many are alcoholics or drug users.

Eddie McGuire stated, in an AGE newspaper article by Chris Johnson, that he is a big fan of Corfe's. "He's as rough as hessian undies", says McGuire, "but he has a tremendous intellect and an amazing capacity for good."

Joffa spends his spare time with his family, The Collingwood Football Club and passionately volunteering to raise awareness of and funds for the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria, Reclink, Footys4all and Whitelion.

Topics Covered:
  • Isn’t That Life
    Joffa’s life is an inspirational story. He was raised in an abusive household due to his parents  fighting alcoholism and mental health issues and then became homeless as a teenager and that it is only due to the Collingwood Football Club that he is still alive and not in jail today. Joffa talks about those difficult days and what he did to ensure that he survived on the streets of Melbourne. Joffa has dedicated his life to others and speaks about what he has learnt and the impact that has had on him and all that he engages with. Be inspired and learn from Joffa’s experiences to enable your lives to be as productive and impactful as his has been.


  • The Collingwood Football Club
    Joffa’s presentation about his love of the Collingwood Football Club and how it saved his life will give others the opportunity to adapt their love of a sporting club to become such a positive influence on their lives like Joffa has had with Collingwood. His role as Collingwood Cheer Squad leader and Collingwood supporter across many decades has enabled him to have one of the best knowledges of all the inside events at Collingwood concerning players, coaches, presidents and of course their premiership winning year of 2010. If you are a fan of Collingwood or sport then this presentation is not to be missed.


  • The Gold Jacket
    Joffa’s Gold Jacket Presentation speaks about what its real significance is rather than just its meaning about a Collingwood win.  How did it originate? Is it related to charity? Why do you wear it? Is it a new jacket every year? Who has worn it? All these questions and many more are answered in this presentation about the importance of the gold jacket to Joffa, the Collingwood FC and the wider community.


Throughout his presentation Joffa will raise awareness of his charity of choice which is The Epilepsy Foundation and donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to it.

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