Nida Shafat

My name is Nida Shafat and a year and a half ago I was living a comfortable but uneventful life in Pakistan. 

Today I am an international footy player having played for Pakistan in the AFL International Cup 2017. I was then was chosen as the Ambassador for VIC Health’s This Girl Can Campaign, in order to motivate Victorian women to become more active in their everyday lives. Through this campaign I saw my advertisement on television and newspapers, had my posters at tram stops and on buses, and even got the opportunity to meet and talk with the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their maiden tour as a married couple in Australia.

During these busy turn of events, I was also and still am studying Law to get my licence as a Solicitor. I have travelled to some exotic countries around the world, experiencing different perspectives and meeting with a diverse range of people from all walks of life. I am learning that the world is a small place and we need to listen to each other in order to grow and survive.  

Throughout my experiences, I remain a proud Pakistani Muslim woman, defying any extremist perception of my faith, gender or age defining me in a negative light and hold true to the fact that I am more than the sum of my parts. Nowadays I can safely say my life is not uneventful any longer- for the better.


Topics Covered:

My adventurers travelling the world as Pakistani Muslim women demonstrating that breaking down barriers and stereotypes associated with religion, gender and stereotypes is possible if you truly believe in making your dreams come true. 

Throughout her presentation Nida will raise awareness of her charity of choice which is the Pakistan Dams Fund, and she will donate at least 10% of her speaking fee to Pakistan Dams Fund.

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