Ricky Baldwin

Ricky's family is from Lake Tyres, Gunaikurnai. His family are part of the stolen generation.
Rick has a burning desire that drives him to give back to the Indigenous community, which he is able to do through his passion for basketball- helping to create pathways for young Indigenous Athletes. Rick mentors them by teaching them that “Attitude determines success" as we have to be disciplined in life to be successful.
Ricky played basketball at an elite level, having a very successful junior career and winning many stage championships with his team. At the senior level he won SEABL National Championship with Knox Raiders (1991) and was also selected in there "Team of the Decade".

Now he is using his story... 


Topics Covered:
  • Stolen  Generation (GUNAIKURNAI - My Mob): Growing up with my entire family from the stolen generation, the effects that flows from it.  We can’t ever say just move on, we MUST EDUCATE, with education it’s leads to empathy from this very dark past of Australian history. We must teach the wrongs of the past. 

  • Mentoring - Attitude Determines Success: Life can not always be easy, as l am living proof of this. But  by having a burning desire that burns you deep inside, being disciplined & having a teachable attitude leads to success. I have played sports at elite level & coach sports at elite level to me there is know bigger gift than being able to teach life lessons, inspire, mentor. The heart of mentoring. Getting most out of life isn’t about how much you keep to yourself, but how much you can pour into others. 

Throughout his presentation Ricky will raise awareness of his charity of choice Grandmothers Against Removal, and he will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to Grandmothers Against Removal.

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