Sarah Bosch

Sarah Bosch is a police officer by day (and night) and a Project Founder by night (and day). She also volunteers as CEO of Lion Heart Courage, a project and passion created to help those in need whilst championing those with PTS (post-traumatic stress) and other mental health challenges. The tag line at Lion Heart is ‘Courage to Thrive’ and that’s what she loves helping others to do –

Have courage to overcome challenges, and courage to THRIVE! 

Sarah enjoys sharing her experiences as a police officer and CEO. She loves to inspire others, encourage others and provide real opportunities and support for others. In her presentation, she covers three main topics which she can tailor to an audience’s needs – from a kindergarten group to a retired businessman’s club!

Topics Covered:
  • Policing and Career Management: 
    What it is like to be a police officer? What does being a police officer mean? If you have considered this career path, now is your chance to ask me any questions you like. If you have no interest in being a police officer, that’s great – the world is your oyster! Get out there and be whatever you want to be! You have the key to your potential – use it.

    Regardless of what you do for a job, Career Management is a vital skill to understand. Your career is not just about your job – it’s about your life, your balance, your mental health and your happiness levels! If you’re not okay, you can’t do your job well and you can’t live well. Here we discuss and share ideas on how to maintain a healthy career with life balance and good mental health.


  • PTSD:
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) is a challenge that faces many, many people. It does not matter what you do for a job or what you have experienced in your life, PTS can affect anyone. Its impacts are very real. I have PTS. About two years ago, I experienced an incident at work that changed my life forever. And since that day I have become passionate about raising awareness of just how challenging PTS can be. I am moved to provide support to others who suffer the same thing or who are affected by other mental health challenges.

    During this talk I share my personal story of how I came to know PTS intimately and what it is like. I also share some tips, which have helped me, on what to do if you are suffering from PTS or a mental health challenge. We also discuss how you might help other people when they are going through stressful episodes and how you can best support them. I am not a psychologist, nor do I presume to provide expert advice. I just share my story and we discuss possible solutions together.


  • Lion Heart Courage:
    Lion Heart Courage is my passion! It is a cause, purpose and mission that was born out of the intense struggle and challenge that I experienced for two years with PTS. Such was my desire to help other people experiencing the same stress and debilitation, that I created a support project, to share the solutions I’d found and to inspire others to have courage to move forward and thrive in their lives! Lion Heart Courage was launched in late 2017 and has developed into a not for profit entity. Its focus is on helping people who need help and supporting those who suffer from PTS or other mental health challenges. It was created with emergency service workers, military and returned service personnel in mind, but it is open to anyone who lives or works in a high pressure environment, mums and dads included!!

    There are a myriad of ways that you can be a part of Lion Heart Courage or benefit from it. It is designed to be an asset for your life and aims to provide effective support, inspiration, opportunities and COURAGE!

Throughout her presentation Sarah will raise awareness of his charity of choice Lion Heart Courage, and she will donate at least 10% of his speaking fee to ion Heart Courage.

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