Presenters - Victoria

Kate Austin

Kate Austin is an effervescent and energetic lady with a simply amazing life story to tell on how one can turn the most challenging events in ones life into a positive life changing action for the benefit of others...  More >

Graham Crawford

There is no doubt that Graham Crawford is the number one expert in Australia relating to driver training and education. Graham’s humourist and no nonsense presentation will engage and resonate with all who are listening...  More >

John Harms

John Harms is a Melbourne-based writer. His recent books include Life as I know It, The Doggies Almanac and a second edition of his sporting memoir Play On. He is the energy behind the annual collection of writing The Footy Almanac...  More >

Mandy Kota

As a speech pathologist,  Mandy empowered children to find their voice. With the rate of depression, anxiety and eating disorders among teenage girls rising she found herself shifting her passion and focus towards giving teenage girls a voice...  More >

Jaime Ramos

Jamie has been working in the area of families and children  for over 20 years covering areas of Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Family Relationships, Parent Teen Conflict, Child Protection, Substance Use...  More >

Ricky Baldwin

Rick has a burning desire that drives him to give back to the Indigenous community, helping to create pathways for young Indigenous Athletes through basketball. Rick  teaches them that “Attitude determines success" as we have to be disciplined in life to be successful...  More >

Dan Eddy

Dan Eddy is a prolific author and academic who also discusses his battles with major depression and Aspergers Syndrome. His challenging and ultimately inspiring story will give hope to people of all ages who suffer from similar afflictions..  More >

Lizzie Harms

Lizzie Harms is a 17-year-old gender equality activist and speaker who is determined to empower not only women but all people all over the world to be strong, resilient and successful despite life’s limits...  More >

Matt Langdon

Matt Langdon is one of the world's leading experts on heroism. He is recognized as one of the founders of the global heroism movement, and is relied on to instil a sense of solidarity within a disparate group of experts...  More >

Cindy Rochstein

Cindy Rochstein is a humanitarian who is a powerful educator and motivator. She is the Founder and Director of Pencils Community a social enterprise that enriches the lives of thousands ... More >

Arjun Bhogal

Arjun is a British adventurer and writer, who is known for his project called Borderwalk, a walk across the world for clean water access charity WaterAid. He hopes he can help inspire young people to step up and take on adventures of their own... More >

Joffa Corfe

Jeff “Joffa” Corfe is a man, who in spite of a difficult and troubled upbringing (including leaving home and school at 14 for a life on the streets and in foster homes before gaining employment) has dedicated his life to helping others...  More >

Michael Gallus

Michael is a passionate man with an enthusiasm for life, who is constantly challenging himself to break down barriers and change the world for the better. Michael has witnessed first hand the positive power that sport had on children and youth...  More >

Sacha Kaluri

Sacha visits more than 150 schools, councils and juvenile detention centres each year. Not only is she educational and engaging but Sacha also brings humour to all of her presentations, to people of any age or gender...  More >

Claire Marriott

Claire’s infamous enthusiasm and networking skills means she is incredibly well connected and often has access to opportunities which would pass others by.  Anyone meeting her is left in no doubt of her passion for driving initiatives...  More >

Nida Shafat

Nida speaks about her adventures travelling the world as Pakistani Muslim woman, demonstrating that breaking down barriers and stereotypes associated with religion, gender and stereotypes is possible if you truly believe in making your dreams come true...  More >

Dr Nathan Grills

Dr Nathan Grills, is an associate professor, a Public Health Physician and NHMRC post doctoral fellow, works largely in India on disability, non communicable diseases and health curriculum development and training...  More >

Sonya Karras

Sonya Karras is the creator of “Whole New World” – Educational Seminars, and Co-Director of the Australian Teenage Expo. Sonya developed her award-winning program (Excellence in Schools Based programs – Australian Drug Foundation) for young people more than 18 years ago...  More >

Kate Parker

Kate is a member of Sea Shepherd and has travelled the world. You will be enthralled to hear Kate discuss her motivations, inspirations and highlights from her journey as an ocean admirer to front line environmentalist activist...  More >

Kerryn Vaughan

Kerryn is a singer/songwriter, animal rights advocate, trainer, mentor, humanitarian and international author. Her book ‘Magnificent Kids!’ was the catalyst to her founding the global organisation One Planet Classrooms, which facilitates projects to relieve poverty induced suffering...  More >

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson has been an author, commentator and speaker for more than two decades. He emerged through the ABC as the winner of the television show Race Around the World, and then had success as a writer and radio commentator with Triple R Breakfasters...  More >

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